Sunday, 21 October 2012

Blog moodboard

Well as you know I'm one of the many students attending bootcamp this October. Our homework this week was to create a mood board for our blog - mine is for how I'd like my blog to be.
We had the option of creating a digital mood board or an actual physical one. I've never made a digital one so would like to have a go at this but in reality I don't think I've ever made a proper physical mood board for a project myself either; so as I have a number of pin boards knocking about I thought I would use one of those as a base to lay inspirational bits and pieces on. Here's what I came up with:
I've gone for what I feel/hope is a clean fresh palette with blue/orange/grey, accents of colour to go on white. I want something simple, workable, not too busy. As once the look/layout and 'pretty' aesthetics of my blog have been finalised then my concentration will be on what I post about. I've included a lot of text on my board (using handwritten fonts), love these and want to use them more on the blog and in my photos; these snippets of text are my focus points, giving ideas as to the focus of my blog too. It's a work in progress at the moment.
So what do you think? I know there isn't any right or wrong but it would be good to get your feedback :)


Lynn Holland said...

Looking good Kirsty. I love the colours and I really like the idea of a handwritten font. I like the simple fonts as they re clearer. The curly scripts are difficult to see. Look forward to seeing more as you progress.
Lynn :)

Rachel Anne Cronin said...

I think the pale blues against the bright oranges work really well, I also love the old yellowed book pages and sheet music.

meplusmolly said...

Thank you, you two! I do really like this colour palette and think It's something that could really work for me so I shall continue on my blog journey.
And yes Lynn I agree about curly fonts being harder to read, must change my header soon(!) I prefer clean and simple too so that's the way I should head I guess :)

Sam said...

Beautiful moodboard, Kirsty. I love the colours and although you've paid attention to detail (one of my fav's), your overall feel is simplistic and uncluttered.
See you at BYW.
Sam *

DueAlberi said...

Great job, Kirsty! Love the combination between orange and blue, and you handwritten fonts are fantastic! Many wishes to you and your blog!


meplusmolly said...

Thank you Antonia! Glad you like the combination of colours. So loving these hand written fonts too! Best wishes to you too, I'll take a peek at your blog soon :)

Little Paper Trees said...

here from BYW - and love the clean look of your moodboard, it's personal and draws you in - well done!

Anonymous said...

Lydia here from BYWBC. I like that you made your mood board manually instead of digitally. It shows lots of personal objects in a way that the digital would not. Great job!

mrana said...

I love your mood board, the colour, the fonts, and the layout .. .wish I'd done it myself. Great blog!

Lottie Loves said...

love this, love the hand made feel.. thanks for popping over to lottie loves, it is really great to meet you in blog world! lottie xo

Elena Rosa Brown said...

Think you've got a great collection of ideas here. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

x Elena @ Randomly Happy

Anonymous said...

delicious colours and a very lovely look. x Gabs

Bine {was eigenes} said...

This is wonderful!
It really is. I haven't done mine yet, but I am really inspired by now to do so!
Thank you!
Have a great day, xo Bine
(byw student as well!)