Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Blogging Your Own Way: bootcamp for me!

I'm sat here in the spare room aka my little work space, my place to be. I'm here bare foot but dressed(!) in front of my laptop typing to you and for me. It's October already, where has the year gone? and I'm taking a fresh look at my blog and it's content/quality/focus/look/goals. I think that I've said before that I want my blog to be a creative and inspiring place to come to, for you and for me. I don't think I've necessarily felt that way for a while, lost my creative mojo a bit. So instead of languishing or hiding my face under a pillow I am meeting this 'problem' head on. I've enrolled with a host of other creative bods on to Holly Becker's online course 'Blogging Your Own Way' but to make this even more of a challenge it is 'bootcamp' which you know is going to tougher than a plain ol' class!  
oh which notebook to use for class?
So I am ready and already enthused and excited about the next few weeks. The class is full of talented creative individuals to be inspired by as well as the teachers! However where normally I can feel intimidated by such classes' as this, feeling a tad inferior, I'm making an effort (for me) not to, as we are all there to learn, whatever has brought us to the class and everyone's ideas and opinions are as valid as the next person's; it has been so lovely to see 'students' helping each other as well. Great camaraderie in class.
pens + 'enthusiasm' in my bag for class!
So if you notice changes in and on my blog over the next few weeks this will be why! I will be working hard (in the time that I have) to make my blog a more enjoyable place for me to be, because if I love it, that can only be a good thing hey?!! So I am aiming to:


Anonymous said...

Hello from BYW! I think everyone is in pretty much the same boat as you, I know I am! Love the pictures, by the way. And that Sharpie collection.

Lynn Holland said...

I already loved your blog so imagine how much more I will when the new you emerges.
Enjoy your course and all the new friends you will make.
Lynn -:)

Tina / said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!
xTina (from BYW)

Heloise said...

Good luck with the course. I need to be more creative on mine too.

meplusmolly said...

Thank you so much everyone! Great to have your feed back.
Lynn - thank you so much, I'm hoping I do emerge even more focused and I hope my blog does become stronger in all the right ways.
Thanks Heather and Tina, glad you dropped by from class. There is so much to learn!
Ooo Heloise is always full of delightful creative things :)

Eden Hensley said...

Hi! I love your photos. I too feel a little intimidated by fellow BYW students. The cool thing is that we each have a perspective/area where we shine that we can share. This outlook has helped me feel less intimidated.