Thursday, 24 September 2009

Autumnal fair............

Ahhhhh the change of seasons............... I know opinions differ but I for one enjoy the change of the seasons, I love the different feels to them, the different elements that they bring, the changing light in the sky, and especially the textures and colours!

A few weekends ago I went home to visit my lovely parents, (always a pleasure never a chore! ;0) And I snapped some pics in their garden and the field next them of what I'm terming 'Autumnal fair', floral and fauna and 'bits' in between that pertain to the change in the season, the feel in the air and inspiration for a new idea.....................

delicate little flower surviving in the sliver of space between the paving stones, love the rich hue to this

the deep notes of the heavy bunches of elderberries

the rich hues of the scrambling blackberries

the delicate shrooms hiding in the undergrowth........shhhhhhhhhhh perhaps the pixies and fairies are out..................

life on a tiny scale

the washed out lavender and lilac hues of the seashells nestled at the base of plants in pots in the garden

Looking back at these photos I felt there was a common (ish!) colour theme occurring, one of lilacs/lavenders/purples with a touch of earthy brown................... hmmmmmmmmmm said I, a good combination of colours to try out on my 'new' accessory sample...

And so I set too, with fabric, needle, thread, printed 'doodles' and a will to make a new accessory to add to my collection of textile creations.....

The starting stages, with fabric, print and plenty of snippets to stitch on

a close up of some stitched snippets using machine and hand stitch

a combination of pattern, colour and texture

all washed and out the other side, still in one piece - very happy about that!

And ta dah! the finished article, a fabric scarf made from recycled remnants and vintage pieces of fabric; with printed areas of my 'doodle berries'; and textural sections containing snippets of glorious fabric with machine and hand stitching adding more detailing to the piece. Perhaps this could be a start to a new range of fabric scarves to come, hmmmmmmmm.........;0

After all it is the season to start wearing them even more, and I for one LOVE wearing scarves!! ;0

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Teacup pinpot

Hello lovely peeps!

Just a quick post this eve, because I can(!) and I just really wanted to show you my lovely purchase from the beautiful Mrs B.......
I feel like I'm doing a bit of 'show an' tell' like we used to do at school when small with the 'nature table' - bring your item in and talk about here we go........

Purchases for myself are somewhat few and far between in the ol' art and craft environment, not because I don't ever see anything that I think is great or amazing, I'm just normally purchasing gifts for other people.

Anyhow with the completion of my first month in 'the other job' (needs must an all that!) I decided I would treat myself to something that I'd had my beady eye on for a while and also 'needed', yes I did, really I did!

So here it is all the way from 'up north' of where I reside near the sea.................

*sigh* perfect package!! I love recycling, as my Mum Mum won you that hamper didn't it hey!!!!! anyways................and the twine/string, I Love String!! How perfect is this package to receive in the post I ask you?!

Oooo ahhhhhhh inside glorious.................. extra bootiful teeny cup cases................

And starting to show this fabric

And the big reveal! my very own and much needed and already in use too, teacup pin pot.........

Now perhaps its not every one's cup of tea (arrrrr see what I did there hehe) but I Love it, and I just wanted to share its loveliness with you all.

So thank you Mrs B and Much Love to you and yours too ;0 X

Friday, 11 September 2009

Afghanistan Inspiration Exhibition Work

I thought I'd show you all (now I've finally finished and sent it off!) my textile work for the exhibition Afghanistan Inspiration.
I was approached way back in March about creating a work to take part in the exhibition. And when the deadline seemed so far away (end Sept) I agreed and didn't think too much more about it for a few months. But as the deadline loomed on the horizon, I thought 'I'd better get on with some creating!'

A little bit about the project:
"Textile project - call to participate in Afghanistan - Inspiration.
Participating countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Spain, Switzerland, UK .
UK organiser: Meike Laurenson.

Context: Within the framework of a self-help project of the DAI (Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative, German Afghan Initiative) women in Laghmani, north of Kabul embroider 8 x 8 cm squares. By selling their embroidery they are able to substantially improve the financial situation of their families.
The embroidered squares are not to be seen as finished products but rather as a basic element which is sold in Europe in order to be integrated into a textile work. The embroidered squares are very well suited for combining with patchwork, quilt, embroidery, weave or felting techniques, where they can be set as eye catchers. The results are symbolically striking textile works that unite not only techniques but also two cultures. The aim of the exhibition is to promote curiosity and openness toward the culture of other women and to encourage the coming together and uniting in a common spirit.
Idea: The plan is an exhibition with textile works in which an embroidered square is integrated.
The theme of the squares is specific to a country, i.e. you can choose a square from a selection that has been allocated to your country. (UK - Water Vessels: mugs, cups, pots, jugs - everyday vessels familiar to women everywhere)"

So with all that in mind I chose a square embroidered by a young girl - Shebane - of two jugs in burnt orange, edged in black on a duck egg blue background, bordered in a teal.
I thought these would be good colours on which to base the piece, and so off I set a'creating!
Through the pictures below I've tried to include from start to finish the 'creation' of my work, with a number of close up images too, sometimes these look better than the piece as a whole I think!
And so to the beginning.......
I stitched a background 'canvas' to work on from lots of scrap pieces of cotton and calico. I incorporated my square into the piece first as I wanted the rest of the surface and its decoration to stem from this. You will also see my page of sketches of 'water' vessels and doodles.

Patchwork type snippets of fabric to 'match' the colours in the square

machine and hand stitching bringing further colour and texture to the work

A close up to show the combination of stitches, snippets of fabric and the lines of the sketches printed

A sprinkle of buttons and lace edging

I really like these colours together

Stitchery, print, snippets of fabric, frayed edges

The square standing out in the work and from which the piece has evolved

And finally the finished piece, perhaps not the best photo in the world, but it will have to suffice!
A sampler of sorts using the colours from the square; following the UK theme of 'water vessels'; using machine and hand stitch; incorporating snippets of fabric and prints of my doodle sketches.
A decorative and tactile work with texture.
I hope that something new is seen each time it is looked at - a line, a stitch, a texture, a fabric, an edge.........................

Thank you for looking! ;0 x