Friday, 30 January 2009

From paper to fabric

Here's a little peek at the new ideas I've been experimenting with. I've been collaging pages in my sketchbook/journal and then developing into actual fabric collages which I've then made in to accessories.

Quite a change from previous work it may seem when you look at these designs compared to those on my website. My previous work was created straight from fabric fragments and stitch, whereas these new ones have more of a complete process - from collaging and ideas in my sketchbook to interpretating  and manipulating them in to designs to work on fabric. I feel happier with this process too, it feels more of a complete journey for me in the design process. Something I've been aiming for for a while now! For me it means my designs are more personal to me as well.
I like making them in to accessories so they can used - wearable/useable art as it were. Although I may have to make some as collages and mixed media pieces to just be purely looked at! I love the nature of abstract in these ideas - lines, marks, colours and textures as well as some more recognisable images. 

I hope you like the fresh new ideas too! ;0

Monday, 26 January 2009

My feature!!!!!

I just wanted to make a quick post to say a BIG Thankyou!!!!! to Sharona of raisinlike for featuring me on her blog, what a lovely lady! hop on over to her blog and check my little interview out!!!!! ;0 x

Sunday, 25 January 2009


Here's a couple of pics to show what I've been experimenting and sampling, some little simple ideas of small dot brooches and flowers (of course!)

It's been rubbish weather here, so I'm off to set up my new printer - never had one before - and I got it bought for Christmas (from the lovely boyfriend). I have a few ideas to test out with my sketches, and transferring them on to fabric to make a line of accessories out off. So we shall see how that goes..............! ;0

Monday, 19 January 2009

Things that accompany my days.........

Here's a few pics of things that accompany my day during our wintery weather. I can sometimes feel a little isolated working on my own on ideas for my work, so its nice to have an 'online community' as such to refer to and have the odd chat with too!

Don't get me wrong I'm fine with my own company and love the peace and tranquility of space and quiet, its just good to have a few people to bounce thoughts and ideas off of as well.

Soooo to my pics - I have recently moved in with the boyfriend and am perhaps even more isolated at this point in time as I'm in a new area and know no-one(!) as yet, so my 'new' friend and visitor to my workroom is the ginger cat, I have no idea as to name etc but I like to say hello and wave at it when it peers in at the window to see what I'm doing.

Piles of collages/sketches with which I'm doing some experimenting and will be 'creating' something from v soon.

My beautiful blue and gorgeous smelling hyacinth that my Mum bought me - this pics for you Mum! - it smells lovely!

And well you can't be working away without a hot drink in this weather, (its hot blackcurrant squash! as I don't like the taste of tea or coffee! yes I know, odd!)

Enjoy your day ;0

Friday, 16 January 2009

website technology harumph!

It seems to be one of those things at the mo. Don't get me wrong I love technology really I do, without it I would never have been able to build my website. I don't know any html and so using a template idea is great for me! Which is why when I purchased my little macbook last year I was v excited to find it came with iweb allowing me to 'build' my own website. Hurray said I! All was good and then I decided I would very much like to be able to sell off of my site too. Not an unlikely decision surely....... After looking at various info, it looked like it would be 'easiest(!)' to sell through paypal using buttons you can create on there and then paste straight on your site. Well so far so good, got my page and items sorted, photos done, paste in the buttons, all working and feeling excited about being able to sell off my very own site....................And then the fly in the ointment! 
If anyone knows anything to help about macs iweb I'd appreciate any advice! My 'shop' page is a photo page from iweb with my products on for sale, if you click - 'view slideshow' to take a look at the items all is great however if you click on individual items which makes them bigger to view, the paypal buttons that have been pasted in, float over the top of the images which is v annoying for people when they want to take a closer look at the items. So what to do??? I have peered and looked and I can't see how I can stop it doing this. The only alternative I can see is using a blank page and pasting it all in again, the difference being it won't look all tidy and neat, no slideshow available and you wouldn't be able to click on items to view bigger. Ho Hum........

(the pics are a few of the items I have in my shop for my valentines colour theme x)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Pages for the sketchbook

A few preliminary ideas underway for my sketchbook pages. Using papers and pieces of my monoprints to collage with.  Fabric fragments and stitch to be added. Fresh ideas for new designs. 

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Well hello there!

Hello to the New Year and wishing all and sundry the very best for it too!

Well this is my first foray into the realm of blog and I find it quite strange to be typing to myself but at the same time quite therapeutic. Maybe I should have kept a diary when I was younger, hmmm....... mind you I was too busy climbing trees, ferreting in the undergrowth, drawing and sketching and generally being me to do such things!

Ahh how times have changed, well perhaps not much..... instead of a diary my "Aim" this year is to make an effort at keeping a journal/sketchbook. 
I have been notoriously bad at this and think it will do me 'the world of good' for helping with new ideas and designs. 
I'll post some pics soon x