Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wish You Were Here Exhibition

Just a little post mainly pictures to show some of the prints in the
'Wish You Were Here'
exhibition at:

in Whitstable, Kent.
The exhibition runs until 3rd July 2010.
Prints are in limited runs and available to purchase.
A great chance to purchase something of a limited run and hand printed.
Below are some of the prints in the exhibition:

Andrew Hayes-Watkins

David Gratus

Karen Radford

Tracey Hart

(me - I am the only textile print - eek!)

Suki Hayes-Watkins

Lisa Jones

Trish Flynn

Cathy McTurk

I'm not sure how I feel about my piece(s) for the exhibition, I did a series of prints as opposed to a limited edition as each one of my prints is different (colours, fabric etc). I wrote the wee rhyme following the 'wish you were here' theme, screen printed it onto pieces of recycled fabric, then using snippets of fabric and my sewing machine stitched my 'post card' wording and sections as well as the little bits of bunting/garlands. I wanted my pieces to be a bit whimsical, fun and shabby. I'm not sure if I feel I have achieved this or not, but it is all about the creative experience, learning and challenging yourself to do different things.

I hope you've all been enjoying the weekend and the sun, make sure you are applying the SPF factors! enjoy ;0 x

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

PIF Giveaway

Just a short text post today!

Well there weren't many bods wanting to take part in the PIF, which is a shame, I could always take it personally that maybe it's a reflection on me or my work (arrghhhh!) but I do know and understand that peeps have an awful lot going on just in their day to day lives let alone their own work.
Anyhow for me I just wanted to pass on a bit of goodness in the act of giving which is what this Pay It Forward Giveaway means to me so the 3 lovely bloggers who will receive a little purse from me in the next few months are:
Pink Milk
So if you could email me your addresses that would be great - email to: hello(at)

I shall look forward to creating and sending you these! Let me know of any more likes/dislikes in your email :) x

Monday, 14 June 2010

Bits, bobs and PIF Giveaway!

First of all I wanted to say a BIG thank you to the lovely Karen at Blueberry Park as I won one of her items in her giveaway a few weeks back now and have been rubbish in showing you it and saying I love it! and who wouldn't?! yummy spotty peg bag.

Also to tell you about the upcoming exhibition I'm taking part in as part of:

The exhibition which members of The Print Block are taking part in is themed around the idea of:

Fab! I can't wait to see all the prints displayed. There will be limited edition runs of prints for view and for sale, be sure to pop down if you're in the area. Check out the Print Block website for details.

And soooo to my PIF Giveaway - so in other words a Pay It Forward Giveaway, to take part you must be prepared to be a part of it too - hence the pay it forward - as in one good turn deserves another and just to pass the giving onwards really!

This 'Pay it Forward' giveaway has been 'passed' on as it were as I was one of the winners of Little Cottage Comforts giveaway months back now and part of taking part and winning was that you went on yourself (within a year) to do the same - hold a PIF giveaway.

So basic rules:

I will send something handmade to three people, who will then go on to give something handmade to another three people.

So if you are up for this one BASIC rule then please put your name forward for the draw!!!

In the comment please make sure you are easy for me to contact.
Let me know your favourite colour, any particular theme, style, emblem you like etc anything interesting and what I am proposing to do is to make you up a zip purse with your own unique little design ala by my fair hand especially for you.

I shall draw names out of a handy hat or bowl in a weeks time, Monday 21st June 2010.
So what do you say are you up for a bit of sharing, giving, 'paying it forward'??? If so then please leave a comment to take part.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Things in my neighbourhood.........

Well I don't know whereabouts you all are but here this week the weather has been rather gray, rainy and at times humid - not constant sunny summer climes as yet - so to remind you, me and all of us that the sun is out there and it will be back and we will see sunny days like those below..........

Out and about where I live, whilst doing my 'chores' - you know going to the bank, the post office etc I snapped a few pics to show what a sunny day by the sea is like here, the buildings behind the beach aren't perhaps the most picturesque but I think it much easier to look beyond such things when the sun is a shining.......

love the colours on these little outlets on the harbour arm

flowers will always brighten up my day

some gorgeous old buildings

you can't beat a palm tree

a lovely little gallery

roses, I love these rambling ones, all colours

one of my fave colours at the mo, love this

well I hope these pictures have shared some sunbeams with you, enjoy your weekend and I will be back next post with a PIF Giveaway, be sure to come back and take part! ;0 x