Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Back to blog...

Well it's been a while and 'life' things have been to blame for that, sometimes you have to take time out to deal with things and pick up the pieces before you can move on again. As this blog is somewhere that I want to be a good place and a positive one to visit and read, I won't be be-moaning about my woes or traumas, life has too much of that as the papers/news are always telling us. It's soo much better for the soul to read about and celebrate the good things! 
So what have you been up to? Lots of creative and lovely things I hope.
I've finally got round to uploading my photoshop elements software (yes perhaps a bit behind the times!) and am practicing using it in conjunction with my bamboo pen, ooo it's another world! So here's my first little trial, I have sooooo much to learn.
Just been testing the bamboo pen out and writing in my scrawly(!) hand on my photo to see how it all works! I can see far too many hours slipping by here...!! Any good online tutorials out there that you know about or perhaps even provide yourselves about photoshop elements? x
ooo lo and behold I've found that over at A Beautiful Mess Elsie + Emma have started to post about photoshop (and are also using a bamboo pen too!) so I shall be keeping up to date with their tutorials there :)