Friday, 12 October 2012

Vintage paper leaf garlands

I have been cutting up vintage book pages(!), I know some people would say that's a crime but I'm recycling those books that even the charity shops end up reducing to move. They are going on to have new lives that even they didn't dream of! I've been using pages in my journal, cutting shapes from the pages for paper garlands and will be using the hard covers for some handmade journals, so thumbs up all round I feel. And what is even better is the price that I paid for these books in the first place, and the amount of items and enjoyment I can and will get from them (in fact already have), all for the princely sum of 20/40p per book, bargain I'd say!
pile of autumnal leaves?!
I know that there are so many shapes/images that can be cut from paper, but I have to say as well as all the intricate papercuts that are out there I do love a simple shape, cut and stitched together to create a garland. And to be honest I have hung these up across one side of my little workroom as I've completed them, and they look better the more that there are. If you've only got room for one string it would look great but a few definitely makes more of an impact.
vintage book pages and doilys, delicate combination and simple
I've strung these up with the other circle ones I made a few weeks ago. And in the morning light the other day I could envisage them working so well at a fairy tea party, ethereal and light and how perfect as a back drop or around the room for a sweet hen tea party or a reception. hmmm...something magical...
intertwining strands
I am so loving keeping it simple with these garlands at the moment too, basic black and white text, white self-patterned paper, sheets of musical songs, lace like doilies. The only touch of colour on them is the thread they are stitched together with. As you may know, as I've mentioned it before, I'm helping with the decorative bits and pieces for a friends daughters wedding next year, and I'm thinking a 'wall' or backdrop of lengths of garlands would look great, catching the breeze, rustling lightly and even working as a background for photos too. I'm really liking the ideas I've seen of enormous lengths of crepe paper fringes as decoration as well. I have such love for paper at this time!
What are you loving right now?


Lynn Holland said...

I'm loving your blog Kirsty. Just carry on being yourself that's whats so nice about it. Your ideas and vision are wonderful.

Lynn x

meplusmolly said...

Thank you Lynn, such a lovely thing to say :)

Annetta Bosakova said...

I need to try these cute garlands. I finally have a sewing machine and no to use it!

Right now I'm loving my pink spray roses. I can't get enough of their delicate beauty!