Sunday, 14 October 2012

One of my favourite blogs: Dispatch From LA

I know that if you're anything like me you probably have more than one favourite blog. However that said, I do have a few blogs that I perhaps favourite more than others, maybe this is because they inspire me in a different way, or a way that I need at this particular point on my creative road. These are blogs that I visit often to see what they are up to, what they've been doing/creating/sharing. Blogs whose words, views and work I am interested in reading and absorbing; learning from and being inspired by.
One of my favourite blogs is Dispatch From LA written by Mary Ann Moss.
I love her blog as she shares a mixture of bits of her life (teaching, etc.), her handmade journals and travel. The combination of her travel exploits with her journals is truly inspiring. I love that she is a keeper of experiences and memories in her journals, that she does them for her own enjoyment and benefit. She keeps travel journals, visual journals and written journals. It is also a relief that she has an attitude when working in her journals, that anything goes, there are no mistakes! Sometimes we can all be too precious with our sketchbooks/journals, thinking that they need to be perfect, when really they are our practice spaces, playgrounds for experimenting in and keeping notes/memories/thoughts as we please. Her views inspired me to journal and to be braver when working in my own journal(s) as well. I have done a couple of her creative online courses over the last few years and thoroughly enjoyed them. Her approach is fun and infectious. She teaches and shares her knowledge through written and visual ways, with easy to follow instructions and provides bags of inspiration from which your own ideas spring and evolve.
So what are your favourite blogs and why? I'd love to see. Leave me a link in the comments, who knows I may need to add them to my list of favourites too!
(images courtesy of Mary Ann Moss)


Lynn Holland said...

I love Diana Taylors blog at Velvet Moth Studio. She does some fabulous photo mosaics.
Lynn -:)

meplusmolly said...

Thanks Lynn, I shall go and have a browse :)

Annetta Bosakova said...

Your blog is awesome! Too many great posts as I want to comment on every single one of them!

I have many great blogs I follow. One of them is called Heart Handmade She has contributed to Gatherings magazine and also does art journaling. Her work is very inspiring to me

me said...

I love to find out about new blogs! Have a look at one of my favorites, bastisRIKE, I think you´d like it!
(I featured her on my blog as well, maybe you saw it already....)
See you in class;)

Lena (from