Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Ascophyllum nodosum...........

I'm hoping that you've taken a look! ;0
intrigued as to what I may be posting about......
well it's my piece for the Art Take-Out exhibition, a quirky, original type of exhibition too. For more info please take a look a their website and visit their blog.

The only stipulation for entry was that the 'piece' entered had to fit into a take-out container!

On the evening 'Customers' can choose the work they want from the Take-Out Menu.
Works are 'acquired' by fulfilling a 'pledge' which has been determined by the artist.
The 'pledge' is the currency for the evening.
And the Artist (and work) will be under the heading they choose of Starter, Main Dish or Dessert.

So this is my strange & quirky creation for the exhibition. It is my version of 'ascophyllum nodosum' or to you and me 'seaweed'! I didn't intend to make something related to where the exhibition is being held - a take-away! - it's just how its worked out, funnily enough.
I've collected quite a few shells, stones etc from the beach recently and had been peering at the seaweed. It reminded me of a picture in one of my books from my small days, of some big pod like seaweed so I have created my own version.

Pods printed & stitched, hanging on wool stitched over with thread and wrapped on a piece of driftwood. Simple, quirky, abstract and slightly obscure. A tiny mobile or talisman? it's open to interpretation, hopefully it should fit in ok at the exhibition and of course I'll be in the 'Starters' section, where-else for seaweed?! well apart from side dishes!

If you're local to the area pop along - Tsang's Kitchen. 147 Iffley Road. Oxford. On the 2nd June 2009 from 7-10pm.
enjoy ;0 x

Thursday, 23 April 2009

New bits...........

A few new bits for your perusal and feedback!
I've been playing with making some buttons perhaps to include in/on my work? I quite like them when laid out in little collection/arrangements and photographed too. The ones below are my tiny stitched flowers made into buttons as suggested by the lovely kirstyfish.

some of my tiny seed head doodles transfer printed onto fabric with a few hand stitches and then made into buttons
some more petite purses in lilac with seed heads and lollipop flowers printed on them, plus a wee bit of stitching. (the lollipop purse is available from my notmassproduced page, I'll be listing the seed head purses on my etsy shop tomorrow - link is in my sidebar, need some light to take some more photos!)
And............................... a sample idea which I would be grateful of some feedback on. A simple tote and purse, with my abstract stitched pieces transfer printed on them with hand stitching and a few buttons. Trying to keep it simple. I like these colours together, quite fresh and perhaps even a touch nautical??!
Oooo had to include a pic of my new business cards from moo. what do you think? I was really pleased with how they came out although I know this picture doesn't do them justice.
As always I'm overwhelmed by the fabulous people that stop by and visit my blog, thank you you talented bods! wishing you all a fab weekend as it's nearly here! ;0 x

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Just a small post today..............

Just a quick post today.

I've been experimenting with ideas for photographing my bloom brooches. see what you think. I quite like them sat on the top of these tea cups. I've played with the exposure of this photo too. 

Pssttt....... I'm having a bit of a destash of materials and bits an' bobs. Below are the 'packs' I've put together so far. 

You'll find them available for purchase in my etsy shop now. There you will see much better photos of the items included in the 'packs' too.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in them, then pass on the message! I'm trying to have a de-clutter of the workspace, I know how much like magpies all us creative folk can be! So I'm trying to whittle down my stash, so that I'm using what I have and can find things easily. Items you know you have and want to use get lost too easily amongst mounds of 'stuff'!

Hopefully I'll have some new pieces finished soon to get your feedback on.

Well the weekends nearly here! so enjoy it everyone ;0 x

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Well after a much anticipated wait, last friday I received the beautiful pear I won on La Pomme's giveaway!
I Love It!
There had been a bit of a delay in its making its way to me as the post office there has been putting in a new computerised system and upsetting everyone trying to post items out! 
And soooo sweet of Apol that because of the delay she added in a couple of other goodies in the way of two lovely apples to keep the pear company! 
Just to decide where best to display them now, hmmmmm.......... I shall have to see.

My package opened to reveal wrapped goodies!

My beautiful pearfect pear

The lovely apples to keep the pear company

Beautiful in its simplicity, it is :

If you haven't already visited Apol's shops on etsy you should! so here they are her shop of fairytales and her shop of toys.
Enjoy ;0 x

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Work bound for Scotland.....

I've been working on some new sketches and monoprints this week, using them as the basis for these petite purses. 

They are bound for Scotland as part of an order of stock for The Vessel.
A sweet little gallery/shop in Tullibody, Clackmannanshire, full of gorgeous individually crafted goodness. It's run by Claire Maxtone who is a very talented lady herself and produces some exquisite jewellery. Click on her name for a link to see her work. She also has a shop on etsy which is where/how she first found and contacted me, technology hey?!

dried seed heads/flowers

abstract 'lollipop' type flowers

monoprinted flowers

more abstract 'lollipop' type flowers

I am really enjoying this new creativity and style I've found since moving to the seaside! Such great light here, it seems to fuel that gray matter in to life! 
My work is getting where I've wanted it to be for some time now, it still has a way to go and it's good to be experimenting and sampling to continue to improve and push it further, different media, different ideas, I just need to mange the time side now! 

Well Easter is nearly here and although there is obviously a more serious side to it, it's lovely to have time for chocolate egg indulgence and a hot cross bun or two!