Saturday, 28 February 2009

new petite purses

Just a wee post to show you some of the new petite purses I've been working on. Transferring drawings/prints from my sketchbook on to fabric, adding stitching and buttons, and making them in to petite purses.
hope you like ......... ;0

Monday, 23 February 2009

Working towards exhibiting at the fair......

I haven't posted for a while and so apologise for this! how slack of me. I would like to make a post at least once a week, but between looking and applying for part time jobs and running around making items for the Contemporary Textiles Fair I'm taking part in and deciding and making bits for displaying my work in/on with as well, I've let blogging fall by the wayside somewhat.
So here are a couple of pics to show what I've been doing with some of my time! I'll be posting some more pics this week.

Ideas in my sketchbook for cameo-esque shapes/small abstract textiles to be arranged together to form a textile piece of work.
My 'bloom brooches' inspired by my original stitched shaped brooch in the middle of the second row. I was looking for a simple and fun idea and came up with these.
Anyways thats it for now, back to the sewing machine! ;0

Friday, 6 February 2009

From fabric collages to unique and individual purses

From sketchbook to actual creation a few pics of the purses that I have created from translating and developing my paper sketches/collages in to fabric collages and their completion as accessories.
I like them all as they are individual, but I'm not sure if I prefer the paler more subtle tones, and colours. Hmmmmm...........
I may even keep this one below (!) a first for me, I think I've yet to make myself anything ... ;0
I like the petite 'ness' of this one although it's hard to find a good range of colours in zips this size.
Any constructive comments/and thoughts welcome! ;0 Have a great weekend everyone.