Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Folksy shop update.........

It's been a while....................and finally I have made my way to the laptop once again to make a post! I think for a while I lost my creative 'mojo' :(...................... I know we all have quiet spells sometimes when we need to take stock a little and reinvest in the ol' creative juices. I was just having a moment don't you know! ;0

Anyhow I have been madly snapping away, in fact it's fair to say I'm possibly nearly all snapped out for now! as I have been taking photos of my work to put in my shops. Finally! So the mosaics below show some of the textile treasures now in my folksy shop, pop along and take a look....

bloom brooches ready to adorn lapels

purses in a range of pink hues, perfect for the girly girl in you!

and one of my fave colours - turquoise blue, yum!

Well enough of that self gratuitous promotional malarkey, never been my strong point it has to be said, hmmmmm perhaps that's not a good thing.... ;0 !

Anyways on to other things, I had been asked by a friend of mine, the v lovely Sandie if I would make her a guest book for her wedding next year (far too organised!). A loose idea was given of what she would like it to look like, and for it to go with her wedding colours of chocolate brown and burnt orange.
So I set too with my fabric fragments, buttons and thread, with the sewing machine on stand by for a bit of 'writing'................... and so below is what I created for this lovely lady's special day....

hues of cream, orange and brown in varying textures and pattern

all stitched on a woven self patterned cream remnant, with the betrothed names stitched in chocolate brown thread

And finally the finished piece, with flame burnt orange ribbon to tie, (love the streaming ray of sunshine bursting through the window across it!)

I have sent it off to its new home as my gift from me to them towards their special day. I'm now waiting on a full report back as to what Sandie thinks about it - as I did say I wouldn't be offended if it wasn't what she was after and I was more than happy to make another if needed! So fingers crossed! ;0

Monday, 10 August 2009

Seaside Swap

Well it's been longer than I wanted but I am back with a wee post, mainly pics(!) and hey? who doesn't love a piccy? hmmmmmmmm......???

I took part in a 'seaside swap' organised by Rachel on her blog, Contented. This is the first swap I've taken part in and may perhaps be the last!! This is not from having had a bad swap experience, I'm just not sure if I'm a very good swapper as it were. I'm still not organised enough with my time I feel(!)

Ok, so I had a number of other things going on and these took priority as they needed completing sooner, plus the fact that I had been constantly doing the job hunt thing that soooooooo many people have been doing this year (have just done my first week in my new job by the way, so yay!). And my deadline for the swap suddenly loomed at my shoulder during a week when I went away for a few days and then had visitors as well. All valid reasons perhaps for being slightly all over the shop but still no excuse! Must Be More Organised.................!!!

So Apologies to my v lovely swap partner - Trasha - and for being so gracious as you received my parcel of bits a couple of days late - Sorry!! ;0 x I'm pleased the parcel got to you ok and you liked the items inside, and weren't just being polite!??!!

One of the rules to the swap had been that it had to include at least one handmade item too.
I had a complete blank as to what to send and make when it came to the crunch, like getting that blank moment in an exam - what to do, what to do?..................
So people if you see a swap out there and join, be careful to see that I haven't added my name and you get me as your swap partner!!!!! hehehehehehe Oh dear manic laughter....................
Anyhoo, for your peepers here's the bit and bobs I sent to Trasha and then the bootiful items she sent to me (which I probably don't deserve!)

My bits - old school seaside postcards; flags for sandcastles; obligatory stick of rock; fruity shower gel (can't beat a shower on your hols!); emery board (especially for Trasha after our emails!); wee crab keyring; wee lollipop phone charm; handmade skinny leg bird (as it reminds me of long legged birds dibbing in the sand!); handmade shell/pebble/driftwood hanging and handmade beach huts stuffie/pillow.

My items were slightly themed towards green/yellow as they're Trasha's fave colours ;0

wee beach finds hanging; crab keyring

detail of beach huts stuffie/pillow

And so to the lovely items I received! Look at these bootiful items!

some fab notelets; gorgeous beeswax candles, tiny sandcastle badge (hidden)

gorgeous smelling bath salts; beautiful piccy of the sea; some v tasty chocolate tortoises (oops may have already chomped my way through these by the time I took the photos!); lovely cath kidston flannel

And the amazingly gorgeous bag Trasha MADE me!!! from a Cath Kidston teatowel no less, how special is this??!!!!!!

Mine all mine...................*sigh*

While I have your attention?? I'd just like to say a BIG Thanks to all of you who gave new homes to my 'clearout' items a few posts back and the lovely notes, stamps, and gifts you've sent in return, so v lovely of you all, thank you ;0

Back soon, have a good week lovely people ;0 x