Sunday, 28 November 2010

The 52MMMC Week 11

Well long time no see, I've been busy with the 'day' job, my own work, life in general and of course Christmas gift shopping - like a lot of people I'm sure.

Anyhow I've posted this 'make' although it is something I have made to sell, as it was the first time I had attempted them and so I felt I was able to include them in my 'makes'!

So what do you do with these
(which I'd made and had hanging around for a while not doing anything)

and these which I bought at a flea market in France

You make these of course - wreathes!!!!!
(reverse side of wreath as it was hanging on my stall this weekend)

one pictured hung with wee fairy lights on, all aglow

and finally my third one hanging again on my stall this weekend (reverse side through my garlands streamed across my stall, making sure it was all 'decked' out for festive selling!)

Well I hope that they add some cheer to your day.
I have to say that I have two more still to make
as I made these trial three to see if they would get any interest.
Well I had my stall Saturday with all three and went home with.......................none!!!!!!
So smiles all round from customers giving homes to my handmade circles of happiness.
And smiles from me for knowing they were going home with some lovely people who will appreciate them adorning their abodes and adding splashes of colour and handmade cheer to their walls or doors.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The 52MMMC Week 10

Well hello to you all on this windy and rainy November day (well for me it is anyways).
Here's my first ever attempt at making an item of clothing!
I joined a class a while back now to do this just to see if I could(!) and to learn about and do something new.

So being a tad reticent and not knowing whether I would get on well at making clothing I opted for a vintage pattern and instead of wasting money on brand new fabric and ruining it! I opted to use up (and experiment with) a fair sized remnant I had in my stash.

So for your eyes here's what I made.....

My shirt/blouse pattern

pattern pieces in the make, not bamboozling me in the least!!
well I had a fab tutor to advise and direct!

And shots of my finished piece

Now mine looks a little different to the finished picture on the pattern as I didn't have enough material to make the sleeves the length they should be. But this in itself was a great learning experience to see how patterns are adapted and changed to suit the individual need.

Now I'm not sure if I would wear this! as it's not my type of fabric but it was just my test run at making and seeing as I did okay.......!
I am now onto something I will wear in a fabric and colour that I love.
So back soon with that to show you!