Thursday, 16 April 2009

Just a small post today..............

Just a quick post today.

I've been experimenting with ideas for photographing my bloom brooches. see what you think. I quite like them sat on the top of these tea cups. I've played with the exposure of this photo too. 

Pssttt....... I'm having a bit of a destash of materials and bits an' bobs. Below are the 'packs' I've put together so far. 

You'll find them available for purchase in my etsy shop now. There you will see much better photos of the items included in the 'packs' too.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in them, then pass on the message! I'm trying to have a de-clutter of the workspace, I know how much like magpies all us creative folk can be! So I'm trying to whittle down my stash, so that I'm using what I have and can find things easily. Items you know you have and want to use get lost too easily amongst mounds of 'stuff'!

Hopefully I'll have some new pieces finished soon to get your feedback on.

Well the weekends nearly here! so enjoy it everyone ;0 x


Hens Teeth said...

Good luck with the sales of stash.... Photography of items for important to get it right, I think what you have done is very imaginative x

Kayla coo said...

How tempting those threads are!!

kate fern said...

Mmm, the blue and green lolly bags look delicious!

Blueberry Park said...

I love how you've photographed the brooches and may need to take a peak at your stashes. Altho where that leaves me on my own decluttering I don't know :-)

emma lamb said...

oh, i really like the tea-cups displaying your brooches... very elegant!

thank you for the jacket love btw :)


Mr Lee said...

Your work is beautiful and amazing.Hope your all doing well!We invite you to come to our blog. You are welcome any time.

Jenn said...

Oh your destash bags are lovely the way you color coded them. a yummy rainbow of goodies:):) The teacup idea is brilliant! very sweet:):)

happy weekend to you!

mimilove forever said...

yay love the tea cup brooches!
(Good luck with the destash too!!)

Andrew said...

cool stuff!! thanks for stoppin by my blog:o) and for the kind words--!


sweetly, lovely said...

I adore the teacup idea. it's simple and shows the textiles beautifully, without distraction.