Monday, 10 September 2012

Where do you find inspiration?

I am looking forward to this week as I only have a 2 day week at the 'day job' (such joy!) and therefore I have finally been able to plan in a nice chunk of creative time for myself to play, experiment and just get back into things a bit more. It got me thinking as to where people look for inspiration or where they chance upon it without looking for it. It seems pretty limitless to me the places that people find inspiration.
I love finding mine in the natural environment around us, so many colours, textures and marks to be found. Inspiration can always be found hidden in the garden!
I love the colour combinations you can find, the shapes, patterns, lines and textures. I'm going to use the photos above for inspiration this week, using the shapes that I see, the colours, the lines, all evolving into something more abstract perhaps than a literal representation of what is seen.
So what fires your inspiration and creative imagination? Where do you look for it/find it?

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