Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Day tripping......

A few weekends ago we went day tripping across the waves. Seems so strange still how quickly you can be in another country with so many things the same but so many differences too, not least the language that is spoken.
So I thought I would share with you, mostly in photos, some of what I saw whilst day tripping.

Our transport across the water

Our destination

some of the amazing buildings, so huge

moules anyone??

bustling streets

sausages anyone?

colourful pastries

all manner of goods to buy

loved the shutters on these windows

flea market treasure galore!

and a must have sweet waffle treat to end the day

homeward bound

I hope you've been out day tripping somewhere recently ;0 x


andrea creates said...

Oh, your photos make me 'homesick' for France!
I am always so amazed by the differences and similarities when in Europe and crossing from one country to the next. Thanks for sharing :)

Heloise said...

I wish I was on a ferry right now heading across the channel. Lovely photographs.

Rosie said...

What lovely photos, thank you for sharing x

jan said...

Looks great, love the photos!

LissyLou said...

what a fab trip xx

Jackie said...

How lovely to be on the south coast. I think I'd be over there like a yoyo if I lived there.

noelle said...

great photos, some lovely eaty things going on there!!!!