Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The 52MMMC Week 6

Wellllllll here I am and I'll be posting about my makes a couple of weeks later than planned. Excuses yes, a few, mainly the day job, orders to complete and the fact that my little sister has recently got engaged and is getting married in March 2011!!!!! So many plans have been made already. I've been home to visit my parents for a family get together where all the plans that have been made so far were disclosed, so there we go, lots going on......

Anyhow, as I was off home for a visit I didn't want to go empty handed and so got out the baking book to bake a little something to take home, a sweet treat to share.......

so after flicking through the pages I decided to have a go at:

ingredients ready

and so the measuring and mixing begins

melting down

whisking up

more mixing

the ginger mix ready for the final ingredients

adding all the fruit

poured and ready to bake

being cut into slices prior to being consumed!

the taste verdict from the family was a thumbs up (phew!) so all good there. A sweet treat success! :) x


Heloise said...

Looks great.

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Yum that looks fab.
I am behind on my makes too. Life gets in the way! That's why it's a flexable project. Take your time and enjoy it.

Mrs B said...

yummy post! yummy blog look! x

Bluebell said...

Looks yummy!

Glenys said...

Looks yummy.

JP said...

looks great - recipe please