Thursday, 11 November 2010

The 52MMMC Week 10

Well hello to you all on this windy and rainy November day (well for me it is anyways).
Here's my first ever attempt at making an item of clothing!
I joined a class a while back now to do this just to see if I could(!) and to learn about and do something new.

So being a tad reticent and not knowing whether I would get on well at making clothing I opted for a vintage pattern and instead of wasting money on brand new fabric and ruining it! I opted to use up (and experiment with) a fair sized remnant I had in my stash.

So for your eyes here's what I made.....

My shirt/blouse pattern

pattern pieces in the make, not bamboozling me in the least!!
well I had a fab tutor to advise and direct!

And shots of my finished piece

Now mine looks a little different to the finished picture on the pattern as I didn't have enough material to make the sleeves the length they should be. But this in itself was a great learning experience to see how patterns are adapted and changed to suit the individual need.

Now I'm not sure if I would wear this! as it's not my type of fabric but it was just my test run at making and seeing as I did okay.......!
I am now onto something I will wear in a fabric and colour that I love.
So back soon with that to show you!


Jensters said...

Wow what a great attempt and it has inspired me to try something like this when i get the would wear it to protect my clothes while doing my arty stuff!.....Well done you.

Heloise said...

You must feel a great sense of satisfaction. Shall look forward to seeing your next creation.

Highland Monkey's said...

Bet now you have finished one item there will be no stopping you now!

Jackie said...

Well done. Its addictive..I was addicted once and used to make an outfit after work to wear in the evening! Those were the days of long cotton dresses...and I was thin!