Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Handmade Journal (2)

Well as you may know from previous posts I have made my own journal and am now starting to 'play' in it. So, I wasn't happy with my first page spread (although that's probably not the right word really). I didn't feel like it was 'finished' in a way so that I could move on to the next spread. Hmmmm..... I know it's not supposed to be 'perfect' but I could not leave it as it was, so I have been back to adjust things a little and to add bits. I'll know when I'm finished with it! 
I have also been adding some bits as base elements for the next couple of page spreads too.
I've also been using my new washi tapes in the journal mix! It's the first time I've actually purchased and used any. I've seen them from afar as it were, used in other people's work and in many projects but it's the first time I've got my hands on any. I love them! So satisfying, such colours and patterns available.
I seem to have gone a bit neon pink?!! Ah well, there is more work to be done here, so back to play! x


Heloise said...

Looks great and it is hard to resist the tape.

Gabriella Buckingham said...

OOH it's gorgeous - your work and the blog! :) Gabs

meplusmolly said...

Hello to you both! Many thanks for the comments.
Heloise - isn't the tape great?! so hard to resist, have started off with 4 little rolls.
Gabriella - thank you so much! I can't wait to get my blog to a place I feel happy with, it will get there with hard work! :)

Lynn Holland said...

Hi Kirsty

I'm going to include your journal in my new blog
as I think it's so inspirational. You might even want to post some more of your pages there. We would love to see them.
Continued good luck with your course.
Lynn x