Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wish You Were Here Exhibition

Just a little post mainly pictures to show some of the prints in the
'Wish You Were Here'
exhibition at:

in Whitstable, Kent.
The exhibition runs until 3rd July 2010.
Prints are in limited runs and available to purchase.
A great chance to purchase something of a limited run and hand printed.
Below are some of the prints in the exhibition:

Andrew Hayes-Watkins

David Gratus

Karen Radford

Tracey Hart

(me - I am the only textile print - eek!)

Suki Hayes-Watkins

Lisa Jones

Trish Flynn

Cathy McTurk

I'm not sure how I feel about my piece(s) for the exhibition, I did a series of prints as opposed to a limited edition as each one of my prints is different (colours, fabric etc). I wrote the wee rhyme following the 'wish you were here' theme, screen printed it onto pieces of recycled fabric, then using snippets of fabric and my sewing machine stitched my 'post card' wording and sections as well as the little bits of bunting/garlands. I wanted my pieces to be a bit whimsical, fun and shabby. I'm not sure if I feel I have achieved this or not, but it is all about the creative experience, learning and challenging yourself to do different things.

I hope you've all been enjoying the weekend and the sun, make sure you are applying the SPF factors! enjoy ;0 x

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Heloise said...

Good luck, I am sure your work will be well received.