Tuesday, 22 June 2010

PIF Giveaway

Just a short text post today!

Well there weren't many bods wanting to take part in the PIF, which is a shame, I could always take it personally that maybe it's a reflection on me or my work (arrghhhh!) but I do know and understand that peeps have an awful lot going on just in their day to day lives let alone their own work.
Anyhow for me I just wanted to pass on a bit of goodness in the act of giving which is what this Pay It Forward Giveaway means to me so the 3 lovely bloggers who will receive a little purse from me in the next few months are:
Pink Milk
So if you could email me your addresses that would be great - email to: hello(at)

I shall look forward to creating and sending you these! Let me know of any more likes/dislikes in your email :) x


Art4Sol said...

Oh, these gals are lucky...I'm sorry I missed out on this one!

Jensters said...

Im sure i entered.....but please dont take it do some wonderful work x

Simply H said...

Don't be daft Kirsty! Def not a reflection of your gorgeous works of art, I suspect others like me would have loved to have recieved a Me Plus Molly original, but were more worried about making 3 things to send on!!! Was lovely to see you on Sat and loved your print block postcard print xx

Ravenhill said...

I am so excited that I am one of the lucky three!!! Thank you so much for this thrill of being able to receive one of your wonderful and so special hand made creations! You make the prettiest things with your delightful hand stitches.
hugs from Emily xoxo