Monday, 19 January 2009

Things that accompany my days.........

Here's a few pics of things that accompany my day during our wintery weather. I can sometimes feel a little isolated working on my own on ideas for my work, so its nice to have an 'online community' as such to refer to and have the odd chat with too!

Don't get me wrong I'm fine with my own company and love the peace and tranquility of space and quiet, its just good to have a few people to bounce thoughts and ideas off of as well.

Soooo to my pics - I have recently moved in with the boyfriend and am perhaps even more isolated at this point in time as I'm in a new area and know no-one(!) as yet, so my 'new' friend and visitor to my workroom is the ginger cat, I have no idea as to name etc but I like to say hello and wave at it when it peers in at the window to see what I'm doing.

Piles of collages/sketches with which I'm doing some experimenting and will be 'creating' something from v soon.

My beautiful blue and gorgeous smelling hyacinth that my Mum bought me - this pics for you Mum! - it smells lovely!

And well you can't be working away without a hot drink in this weather, (its hot blackcurrant squash! as I don't like the taste of tea or coffee! yes I know, odd!)

Enjoy your day ;0


Gigibird said...

Cats are great company even mystery visitor cats like your Mr Ginger.
I'm sure you will make new friends soon enough...

meplusmolly said...

bless you! thank you ;0