Monday, 13 July 2009

Makey been & gone!

My wee 'report' on the Makey Do!
Well the weather couldn't make up its mind but it didn't stop the people attending so hurrah!
As normal I didn't take anywhere near as many photos I should've done but below are a few for your perusal!

My 'badge' to wear for the day as a 'maker' (holder of a stall)

The lovely Jennyflower and her colourful stall was right next to mine

getting up close and personal to her vibrant brooches and rings

The beautiful work of Contemporary Embroidery. I just cannot say how stunning Karen's work is. So meticulous in its detail, it is something to be treasured and I know that Jenny must be over the moon with her present that she was bought for her birthday from Karen's stall!
Apologies to Karen's husband for snapping him at the same time!! ;0

detail of Karen's stall, just how beautiful???!!!! *sigh*

And I couldn't go without taking snaps of Simply H's stall, the smiley lovely Helen!

An indulgent pic of her mermaids!! these are just soooooooo cute, all you bods out there need one for your small people!

Hello to Nifty Knits, this pic doesn't do any justice to her work (so much light was coming in from behind!) her creations are just fab! especially her star trekking meerkats.

And a wee shot of my stall too...........

I would just like to say a big THANKS to Jenny for organising it all. I am sure she is now taking a well earned rest after all the build up to the event and par-taking in it as well!
I had a good day, made sales, met new people and it was great to actually put faces to names from blogland too!
For me it is now on to the next project! no rest for the wicked as it were!!! I have several pieces in the making for various exhibitions and so will be posting to see what you all think soon........

And for a change of subject entirely! ( cake bought from the travelling craft stall that is Kirsty- That Crafty Fish!)
I just want to say a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to my little sis. Hope you've had a great day and eve, this wee cakes for you, it's the best I can do when I'm not near you! Hope you were spoilt rotten!

Love you sis, see you soonish ;0 Xxxxxxxx



Lovely photos Kirsty, hope you did well at the makey do. I love the cup cake too and happy birthday to your sister

You offered to send me the link regarding the Afghanistan wallhanging challenge and I wondered if you could send it to my flickr message or leave the link on one of my blogs so I can take a look. Thanks so much, have a great week

blog and flickr

Kayla coo said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.
All the stalls look so tempting.x

Jackie said...

I've been following the progress of the Makey do and it led me here and i must say I have enjoyed my visit. I see you mention the landmark Arts centre. I used to live in the same road. I have often considered applying to do the christmas fair I think they have there as I still have a friend who lives nearby. Do you have any advice about it?
I love your work.

Menopausal musing said...

What a lovely post. Great to look at the photos and read all about both yours and other bloggers' stalls. Looks like it was a great success. x

koralee said...

Oh so so lovely...wish i was there...just found your lovely blog and now i am off to visit your etsy shop...your items are amazingly cute ..what fun...thank you sooooooo much for sharing will be back now that i am a follower! xoxo

Art4Sol said...

Oh how wonderful everything looks...wish I could have been there! Thanks for the great photos.

Emily said...

What great booth set-ups! I'm always struggling to figure out how to set mine up! It's different every time, I always change something. These are great~ Hope you had a fabulous show! -e

Simply H said...

Hello! What a lovely post, you really managed to capture the day. It was lovely to see you again and thank you for the lovely mention - am I really smiley?

Hope you are all sorted for the workshop next week and is the exhibition up in the horsebridge now? Must go in and have a good look!!

jennyflower said...

Thanks for an ace post! My what an eclectic delight(!) my stall looks next to your beautifully staged displays!