Tuesday, 21 July 2009

All Gone, All Gone!!!!!

Hello All!

Just a wee note to say THANK YOU V MUCH!!!!!! to all those that have emailed me concerning my previous post and my 'clear out'

Everything is now GONE! All bits and pieces have been bagged by various crafty folk and will be winging their ways to you shortly, so keep an eye out for Mr or Mrs Postie!

*sigh* clearer spaces once again, until I find anything else or have another clear out at any rate!!! but I'll be sure to let you know!

Thanks again ;0 X


Mrs B said...

no no no no no....thank YOU!!! I might encourage you more to buy things you don't need, in the hope that you will have to clear them out later!! xx


Kirsty, you have been more than generous, thank you so much!


Mollimoo said...

Yes, thankyou VERY much! It is really kind of you xx

trasha said...

That will teach me for not checking in regularly! Looks like your haul went really quickly.

Was feeling a little guilty that have been crubbish swap partner and not been in much contact BUT hope to have your parcel in the post by the end of the week! Will up date when Royal Mail have it in their possession.

Simply H said...

Hope it all went well yesterday! You must tell all about it!
Went and had a nose at the A1 Exhibition yesterday, yours looked fab. I hope it sells x

Mrs B said...

my loveely parcel arrived today!! thankyou, lovely girl! x