Friday, 3 July 2009

Busy, bizzy, buzzy..........

Well its that Friday feeling for most I am sure, where the weekend is barely the blink of an eye away!
I said I would be back this week with another post and piccies of what I've been a'creating and making, so here we go......

First of all I'd just like to say I'm v annoyed(!) with myself for forgetting to take photos of another batch of petite purses, that made their merry way up to The Bowery again the other week. I was so intent on getting the work finished and packaged up that I was down the road to the post office when I suddenly remembered that I hadn't taken any pics, rubbish!!! anyhow I'm v pleased The Bowery wanted more stock, am crossing fingers that peeps are liking the work and skipping away with their purchases!

So to other work, and a few pics. Being a visual person I love posts on blogs where there are pics to look at! Don't get me wrong I love a good read but I love a good arty crafty colourful pic too.

Below are a few of the simple totes for the 'Makey Do'. Keeping them fresh, clean and simple.

Wee purses in the making to compliment the simple totes.

More petite purses in the making, these with my workings of fabric fragments, my sketchy images, hand-stitching and buttons. I'll be posting pics of these when they're finished as well.

Getting in for a close up to show the detail of my hydrangea sketch, transfer printed on to the purse. All v wispy and dreamy!

My A1 piece for the A1 Exhibition in Whitstable. Just a few more bits of stitching to do now........then I need to put a title to the piece and a price (!)

Some scrummy lavender hearts, I'll be taking these to the 'Do' with me as well, give them a scrunchy squeeze, can you smell the lavender?? mmmmmm....... lovely

A wee handstitched heart, getting ready my samples for my wee workshop taster. Timing myself to see how to break down the time for the workshop, step by step, where to be with our creations by what time etc, so everyone attending can leave with a finished item! I really want people to enjoy the taster and would also love them to leave with something finished, as I've always liked to come away with a finished piece when attending workshops myself.

Well I must away my bloggy cohorts! and get a-stitching to get all these bits and pieces done. There's nothing like having several things on the go at the same time , hey?!??? Enjoy your weekends! ;0 x


nifty thrifty said...

What a fabulous stash of lovely handmade goodies. You are a clever girl. Fabulous stitching there too on the A1 piece x

karen said...

well you've definitely been busy! I have been busy.....pulling my hair out! P.c. problems, no sewing for 2 days, minimalist stall it is then!

Menopausal musing said...

Clever, clever lady!! :O) x

mimilove forever said...

Totetastic stuff chicky!

You'll certainly be stealing a few hearts with those...(see what I did there!?) get back to that stitching madam! x:)

Mrs B said...

I just adore your petite purses!! so pretty, sweet, but chic. just lovely!


do you sell them on folksy or etsy?!


Blueberry Park said...

Wow, you have been busy! Love the little totes and your A1 pic is beautiful x

Kayla coo said...

Beautiful faded seed heads and such pretty hearts.x

jennyflower said...

Drool, drool, I was going to make some totes for the do but now feel a bit embarrased to!

Heloise said...

Good luck with the workshop.
Lovely pink hearts.

karen said...

Hi Kirsty. It's frighteningly calm here now, probably exhaustion and mental collapse! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and cake sounds good to me! See you soon, Karen

emma lamb said...

so many wonderful and beautiful projects Kirsty, you are a very busy bee indeed!

and thank you for your lovely comments about my pot holder wall art... :)
i just know once you've learned how to crochet you will do some amazing things with it!

hope you're having a lovely week...

Simply H said...

Ohhh what gorgeous makes, I am especially loving the tote bags!
Looking forward to seeing you again on Saturday and drooling over your stall. By the way, I am reminded of you very often by my neighbour who bought one of your lovely purses at the Whitstable Fair. She uses it every day!!!