Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Shop Update..................

Well my toes may be freezing here but I'm trying to think ahead of Spring and Summer, (although they do seem to be but a distant rumour at the moment!), thinking of brighter, warmer colours and light! I miss the glorious clear daylight and sunshine, enough of the grey, grey bone chilling days please.

So over the past few weeks I've been filling my shops up with more light hearted carefree and colourful items that for me pertain to Spring and Summer. Now I'm not great at this promotion of ones work but I have to say I do like to read about it on other peoples blogs. To find out when people have put new items in their shops, to hear and see new creations, experiments and ideas. I like many I'm sure, have a lot of shops 'bookmarked' or 'favourited' but I'm a bit slack in going to check if they've put anything new in them. So it's great to have it put there in front of me on their blogs. So here's to self promotion because if we didn't put ourselves out there and shout about our work how would anyone know???!!!

So here's my shop updates!

New items in my Folksy shop.
Simple tote bags perfect for Summer, lightweight and carefree just like your spirit in the glorious sunshine.................

Juicy Red


Blue for You

Red Russett

All of the totes are lined with a pouch pocket inside. They are all one-offs so will be totally unique to you.

New items in my Etsy shop.

Sweetheart Set 2. smelling gorgeously sweet of lavender

Spring Zest


Abstract Stems

Nut Brown

Orchid Echo

Sweetheart Set 1

Blue Blooms

Textile Droplets Tote & Purse Set

Busy? Moi? perhaps. I've been printing like a woman possessed and now have the job of cutting and stitching to complete, so I'll be showing you soon what has been happening there. It's a test of sorts so we'll see how the 'new' bits turn out.

Lastly but by no means least I'd like to say a BIG thank you to Helen of Simply H and also to Penny of Fibrefrolics for awarding me the Sunshine Bloggers award. Yay! Thank you so much ladies, I'm so pleased you feel that my blog brings a little beam of sunshine into your 'blogland' as it were. Now I know that I'm supposed to go on and award this to 12 more bloggers but I'm bowing out of this as I have far too many people I could award this to! Also I have a pile of things to make over the next few weeks for the upcoming fair, (whilst trying to stay the midst of fabric) and find it far too easy to procrastinate on the laptop!

my award - (love gerberas)

See you soon with pics of the 'new' printed bits and more of my journal! ;0 X


andrea creates said...

Love your craftwork!
I'm trying to stop shivering and think of Spring and Summer too :)

Simply H said...

Oohh! what lovely new stock you have Kirsty - and there is nothing at all wrong with a bit of self-promotion!
Hope you are having fun at the print block now you are a full member! Hopefully will bump into you one of these days!
Ps there is a lady called sue browne who is organising an artisan fair in whitstable (st mary's hall again!) on easter sunday - 4th april...if you are interested I'll email you her details x

JP said...

wow they are all beautiful

Mrs B said...

oooooooh!! I love the rustic bag! Will be saving my pennies, me thinks for that little summer must have! x


You have been busy indeed. I love your bags and hearts. I particularly like red russet and rustic. Congrats on the awards!

Carolyn ♥

ps. I'm having a giveaway on my blog ... ends on Valentine's Day!

Nina Morelli said...

They beautiful...lovely...
I am a big fan of ur craftwork...


Mollimoo said...

Your work is always sooo beautiful & inspiring! I love your new designs x

Kerrie said...

such lovely hearts - pretty combinations of colour!

Pomona said...

Your bags are absolutely exquisite - I love them!

Pomona x

spaziorosa said...

I don't speak well English but me I would like to tell that Your jobs are very beautiful!

Heloise said...

What a lovely collection you have put together in every way. The mix of fabrics and printed fabrics work so well together. Wishing you lots of sales.

Theresia (Minori Design) said...

lovely lovely bags!!