Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Birds, birds everywhere.............

Well it's mid-week and time for a post. In fact I'm a bit overdue on the ol' posing front, as the past few weeks I've been working extra hours at the 'other' job and so haven't spent as much time doing my work as I'd wanted. Anyways all is back to normal now and so here I am a'posting!

I've been making rather a lot of skinny leg birds recently for a couple of orders, they were something I was debating about still making as well, isn't that always the way when you're looking at your work! re-evaluating, seeing what works and what doesn't, what gets looked at and what doesn't, old items to stop making and new ones to bring to the fore.

The order below has been sent off to Artshut in Hertsmonceux, so if you're around those parts take a peek!

skinny leg birds in a range of patterns and colours all ready for stuffing!

more skinny leg birds jostling in their box for room!

a close up because they wanted one!

bird images have become quite a popular thing over the last year or so and have appeared in many ways in peoples work too. I even used a teeny tiny bird and cage in one of my clutch purses.

And I know the Amazing Mimilove loves to don paint brush as well as needle and thread to bring us forth her budgies! Below is the one she sent me in a swap we did. I LOVE IT!

I then had a peer around my work room to see if I had any other bird items and low and behold I do! They sneak up on you everywhere! I have a lovely wee green bird.

I also have a beautiful white stone bird that my lovely sister bought me for my birthday last year, unfortunately the light hasn't been good enough to get a decent pic of this to show you :(.

I did take a look to see if there was a meaning to 'birds' as such and the information that I found was v interesting. Take a look at this link to Wikianswers as to the meanings of certain birds, what a fab idea for a project to base work upon!

So I think that perhaps the birds are here to stay for a while, at least in their skinny leg bird form within my work. I'll show you v soon some new look skinny's as I'm off to print some later, a change from being cut out of patterned and coloured fabric!

Finally I wanted to show you a peek at something completely different and new for me. I joined an online class - Remains of the Day - Mary Ann Moss - and am having far too much fun! being experimental and free, stitching with my fabric scraps making my journal cover and at the moment constructing my scrap paper pages for the inside. I'm not the best person at keeping a sketchbook, yet needed to get back to some sketchy type of basics to enjoy the creative process from the v beginning again and just to experiment, experiment and play. This for me is what has been missing for a while, I was so good at this at art college! but don't seem to have made time for it in quite some time, so this year this was top of my list of must/need to do!

here's a peek....................

Enjoy your week, see you soon..... ;0 x


Mrs B said...

Sooooooooo lovely!! I love their skinny little legs!! x

andrea creates said...

Can't wait to see your journal cover-the colors are really pretty :)

Menopausal musing said...

Oh wow! what an exciting post in so many ways: seeing your lovely birds, finding out what you are up to, and pursuing your links..... Wonderful! Thank you. :O)

JP said...

love the close up of the birds - they look abit knowing ! - you are working hard!

Pink Milk said...

Adore your birds ... I've always thought there's something so hysterically funny about a group of creatures all looking in the same direction!!

Plus, how gorgeous is your Mimilove budgie cushion?!


Anonymous said...

Your birds look really cute and friendly. Love them! Have just discovered this blog and am really enjoying it!
Penny :)

Anna Wilson-Patterson said...

Hi Kirsty
Your lavender lovebirds are having their first day in the spotlight at Herstmonceux. Everyone thinks they are great, especially the skinny legs!

Kayla coo said...

Hi Kirsty,
Cute,fun birds!
I do like your clutch purse, beautiful colours.

karen said...

Hi Kirsty, hope you are busy making for march! Bit of a bird post going on here, love them all and that budgie is gorgeous.

Claire said...

Birds,they are altogether just too cute. Lucky you having a swap with Mimilove and receiving one of her desirable budgie cushions. Your journal cover photo looked very interesting, not too revealing! Shall have to visit again soon to see how it is progressing. Must pop over to "Remains fo the Day" to see what's happening there.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Iv'e nominated you as one of my Sunshine bloggers, so please accept this Sunshine Blog Award for positivity and creativity.You can find out more on my blog post at
Best wishes,