Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Goodies, garlands and journal..........

Well the snow we had here last week seems to have finally melted away and today has been blue skies and sunshine, wahoo!!! Nothing like a bit of sunshine to lift the spirits.

And talking of lifting the spirits................... look what dropped through my letterbox at the weekend.... fab goodies from the lovely Pomona of Little Cottage Comforts
I commented on a post of hers a few months back now. It was about 'Pay it Forward' which meant that she was to send something handmade to three people, who then go on to give something handmade to another three. These are my goodies from this. In turn I shall be writing my own post to pass the goodness of giving on. So watch out! I shall post end of March beginning of April so keep your eyes peeled.

Gorgeous goodies all wrapped up

beautiful handmade gloves, they are sooooo soft

scrummy goodness in the way of fabric, buttons and ribbons

a sweet needle book and pin cushion, just how pretty are they?!

As you can see who could fail to be cheered up by such gorgeous goodies. Thank you so much Pomona! X

And so to some making................
What have we here, a felt ball, needle and string, and a bay leaf, what could it mean....??

Add into the mix an enormous amount of fabric 'bits' to snip up and you have all the elements ready to get garland making

strings of colour in pink and green, blue and yellow and red and brown

its all in the details

These are bits I may have on my stand at the fair, we shall see. Also the felt balls and felt scraps I used within my garlands were from the lovely KirstyFish, check out her sidebar for links to her shops of gorgeous goodies and fab supplies.

And some more (well I did promise) pictures of my journal so far. This is being somewhat of a slower process as I have other things I have to get on making that need to take priority before this (what with the textiles fair to attend next month!)
Although I have to say there is nothing more that I would rather be doing than having an experiment and a play with fabric, needle, thread, sewing machine, paper and even paint with my journal at the moment, it will have to wait *sigh* for now. So for your viewing here's pics of my journal in the making................




cover detail

you know its all about the detail!

journal tie

pages in the making

Well back to work I feel, I have a pile of printed birds and hearts that need cutting and stitching! and I don't see any magic elves around here to make them while I sleep, mores the pity!! Hope you're all having a good week ;) X


cupcakesandbiscuits said...

What a lovely journal!
Lucky you with those gorgeous goodies!
Imagine, magic elves! Wouldn't that be good?
Ali X

Pomona said...

The journal is absolutely exquisite! I do so love your work and feel that mine is rather humble in comparison - I am glad that the pincushion didn't get too squashed in the post!

Pomona x

wishful nals said...

those gloves look great!

Jackie said...

Are these for the Contemporary textiles fair?
They'll look very spring like.

Anonymous said...
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Your journal is already gorgeous!