Sunday, 4 October 2009

Escape to 'Create in Whitstable' Part 2..........

Hello lovely peeps!
I'm posting to let you know about the workshops I'm involved in this month, a bit short notice perhaps, but there's nothing like living life on the edge, hey??!! So here follows my blatant plug for them and the whole creative week, because I can! ;0
escape to create in whitstable
Saturday 24th October to Sunday 1st November 2009
I will be running workshops on Saturday 24th and Wednesday 28th October as part of 'Escape to Create in Whitstable' a week long event in this lovely seaside town. The aim of the initiative is to encourage people to escape from their usual routine for a few hours or longer to taste a new creative pursuit. It will all be happening at (or near!) the Horsebridge Centre in Whitstable.
If you'd like to book on one of my workshops (I'd love to see you!) each workshop costs £22 per person.
To book on my workshop and to find out more about the other workshops taking place during the week, visit here - 'Create in Whitstable'.

'Shabby chic' Garlands Saturday 24th October

Hearts & Fishes Wednesday 28th October

Come an create, you know you want to!! Well that's my blatant plug over, be back soon with more creativeness! ;0 X


AeFondKis said...

Hi, wish I lived closer and I would go the hearts and fishes workshop it looks great!
Good luck with them!


Good luck with your workshops Kirsty, I wish I was able to come along and make a fish or a heart. Your fishy is gorgeous! Have a great week!

Carolyn x

Menopausal musing said...

Yup! Another vote for the fishes here......... I would love to be near. Lucky Whitstable!

Bluebell said...

Wish I was closer to take part! Haven't found anything like this in my area - yet! I live in hope.

(PS - love the fish!)

Simply H said...

The garlands and hearts look fab, but I am another one who loves the fish! It's amazing, well done you! I want one! Sorry I won't be able to make it Kirsty cos of the sprogs or I would be there in a flash! Hope it all goes well x

Rachel Anne Cronin said...

I love the shabby chic garlands! Good luck with the workshops honey. I also loved the scarf from the last post.

Kerrie said...

good luck with the workshops - a little far for me to come from Australia, but i would do the fishy workshop - very cute!

olive + sundry said...

If only I was on your side of the pond! What a fun and creative time this would be.

...loving that little fish!


coco rose said...

Hi there, just found your blog on a blog-hop and wanted to say it is lovely! Have a great day! x

Heloise said...

Thank you for your kind messages left on my blog. I hope that the workshops go well. Lovely heart in the last picture.