Sunday, 11 January 2009

Well hello there!

Hello to the New Year and wishing all and sundry the very best for it too!

Well this is my first foray into the realm of blog and I find it quite strange to be typing to myself but at the same time quite therapeutic. Maybe I should have kept a diary when I was younger, hmmm....... mind you I was too busy climbing trees, ferreting in the undergrowth, drawing and sketching and generally being me to do such things!

Ahh how times have changed, well perhaps not much..... instead of a diary my "Aim" this year is to make an effort at keeping a journal/sketchbook. 
I have been notoriously bad at this and think it will do me 'the world of good' for helping with new ideas and designs. 
I'll post some pics soon x


KirstyFish said...

Go Kirsty x x x

Gunnels blog said...

Welcome to the blogland and good luck! I will add you to my reader !!
Gunnel xx