Friday, 11 September 2009

Afghanistan Inspiration Exhibition Work

I thought I'd show you all (now I've finally finished and sent it off!) my textile work for the exhibition Afghanistan Inspiration.
I was approached way back in March about creating a work to take part in the exhibition. And when the deadline seemed so far away (end Sept) I agreed and didn't think too much more about it for a few months. But as the deadline loomed on the horizon, I thought 'I'd better get on with some creating!'

A little bit about the project:
"Textile project - call to participate in Afghanistan - Inspiration.
Participating countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Spain, Switzerland, UK .
UK organiser: Meike Laurenson.

Context: Within the framework of a self-help project of the DAI (Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative, German Afghan Initiative) women in Laghmani, north of Kabul embroider 8 x 8 cm squares. By selling their embroidery they are able to substantially improve the financial situation of their families.
The embroidered squares are not to be seen as finished products but rather as a basic element which is sold in Europe in order to be integrated into a textile work. The embroidered squares are very well suited for combining with patchwork, quilt, embroidery, weave or felting techniques, where they can be set as eye catchers. The results are symbolically striking textile works that unite not only techniques but also two cultures. The aim of the exhibition is to promote curiosity and openness toward the culture of other women and to encourage the coming together and uniting in a common spirit.
Idea: The plan is an exhibition with textile works in which an embroidered square is integrated.
The theme of the squares is specific to a country, i.e. you can choose a square from a selection that has been allocated to your country. (UK - Water Vessels: mugs, cups, pots, jugs - everyday vessels familiar to women everywhere)"

So with all that in mind I chose a square embroidered by a young girl - Shebane - of two jugs in burnt orange, edged in black on a duck egg blue background, bordered in a teal.
I thought these would be good colours on which to base the piece, and so off I set a'creating!
Through the pictures below I've tried to include from start to finish the 'creation' of my work, with a number of close up images too, sometimes these look better than the piece as a whole I think!
And so to the beginning.......
I stitched a background 'canvas' to work on from lots of scrap pieces of cotton and calico. I incorporated my square into the piece first as I wanted the rest of the surface and its decoration to stem from this. You will also see my page of sketches of 'water' vessels and doodles.

Patchwork type snippets of fabric to 'match' the colours in the square

machine and hand stitching bringing further colour and texture to the work

A close up to show the combination of stitches, snippets of fabric and the lines of the sketches printed

A sprinkle of buttons and lace edging

I really like these colours together

Stitchery, print, snippets of fabric, frayed edges

The square standing out in the work and from which the piece has evolved

And finally the finished piece, perhaps not the best photo in the world, but it will have to suffice!
A sampler of sorts using the colours from the square; following the UK theme of 'water vessels'; using machine and hand stitch; incorporating snippets of fabric and prints of my doodle sketches.
A decorative and tactile work with texture.
I hope that something new is seen each time it is looked at - a line, a stitch, a texture, a fabric, an edge.........................

Thank you for looking! ;0 x


Pomona said...

And thank you for showing! That is a really lovely piece you have made, and it was fascinating to hear about the exhibition. Well done!

Pomona x


Kirsty, it's very beautiful work. I can appreciate all the time and heartfelt love that went into this piece

Have a lovely weekend

Heloise said...

A fascinating project. What a lot of detail you have incorporated into a beautiful piece of work.

Mrs B said...

I just adore your work!! Clever, clever lady! It is just the sort of work, I would like to make.....but I think perhaps the kitchen is where I am best off!! x

Menopausal musing said...

Absolutely fascinating! Loved the way we had to wait for the "whole" picture at the end. I really liked the big jug and the water swirling out of it. x

Simply H said...

Wow this embroidery is really beautiful Kirsty - it was so nice to see how you created it from start to finish as well! I bet is is even more amazing in the flesh, it does look very tactile!

Jackie said...

What a lovely project. Congratulations.

JP said...

just love it - also love seeing how you reached the end product - really enjoy the blog

emma lamb said...

what a fascinating concept... and i absolutely adore your finished piece... there is so much to be seen and so much to consider while looking...
congratulations Kirsty... :)

Bluebell said...

Wow! This is lovely, it must have taken you so long to do. Lots to look at and a great combo of colours. Well done x

Art4Sol said...

It turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing all the special details. Great job!!!!

Gunnels blog said...

This is so lovley! I really like it. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Anne Cronin said...

A very beautiful piece of work Kirsty! I love burnt orange and blue together, a very good combination and I love all of the carefull handstitching. Have edited comments section of my blog, have a look- you can probably leave one now!!

mimilove forever said...

Boodiful stuff my old your colour n stitchyness but cha know that already! x;)