Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Inspiration: flowers

Being a country girl I have always been surrounded by trees, woods and fields. When I was small you could always find me with my head amongst the hedgerows, crawling amongst grass tunnels or see my feet dangling from a tree I had scaled (much to my mum's delight! sorry mum x). I love nature, the habitat around us, peering, looking, learning, being inspired by its colours, shapes, textures, smells. I love the beauty that each season brings.
This spring I captured some gorgeous frothy blossom with my camera

I find these blooms so inspiring in many ways. Their pale delicate colours and layers of petals as well as their full frothiness. I am not the only person inspired by blossoms and blooms and wanted to share a link with you from Kinfolk of a 'Blossom Party', how perfect is that?! Make sure you visit and watch the video, it's captivating.
I think if I was having a 'Blossom Party' it would definitely have to involve some of these paper pompoms below
Image from Snowy Bliss just how fab are these?!! Paper blossom if I ever I saw any
Oh for a party with blossoming pompoms hey?!! I bet they would look fabulous for the coming festive season in rich deep reds, golds, silvers, forest greens and a bit of sparkle.....


Pomona said...

Amazing pompoms! And just imagine having a pompom dress to match . . .

Pomona x

Kayla coo said...

Nature is the greatest inspiration!
M x