Sunday, 9 October 2011


Well I am all ready for some creative me time. I know that I am making and creating as part of Weft A Bit alongside the 'day' job however it's also nice to make time to do some selfish creating too! I am now all prepared as it were as my lovely new sketchbook arrived this weekend.
Oooo so exciting! I know those of you out there will know what I mean at the joy of starting a new blank canvas to create and experiment upon. What is even more perfect about this particular book is that it is handmade and coptic bound, so that the pages lay flat for an even bigger space to play upon......
This book was purchased from a lovely British based etsy seller - thepapergardenuk - Stephanie's work is fab and I can't wait to use it. I have my paints, paper, fabric and even my sewing machine at the ready as well as my colourful Sharpie pens!
Time to get creating then...!!! x

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