Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Page for my sister...

Thank you for looking and supporting me in my decision to blog here once again. I shall be doing some more tidying and freshening up of things around here, hope you like the cleaner look and my new blog header. 
scanned image of my collage
My first post is short and sweet and is a collaged page for my sister to remind her of home while she is away. The base paper is a colour copy of the original piece I made for her a long time ago now with paint, paper and fabric on a wood block. I found the colour copy of it in my stash and added some other snippets of fabric, paper and stitch to it. I may keep it as it is or even use it as a journal/sketch page at some point, we shall see. I am gathering all my supplies around me to start doodling and experimenting once again...a creative refuel.


Kerrie said...

Yay! you're back....look forward to popping in often and seeing what you're up to.

LaziDazi said...

Lovely collage. There's just something about stitches on paper..