Sunday, 16 October 2011

Through the lens...

I love a good image. I am a visual person. I love photos in all their guises, be it black and white, colour, with filters and effects, different angles, various lighting, themes, objects, places, views... the list goes on. I am also an absolute lover of macro, you cannot beat a good clear and crisp detailed close up. 
seed and sun, hazy summer capture, love playing
So every so often I'm going to post something that is 'Through the lens...' as it were. It may be something I've taken, it may be something I've seen that someone else has taken (if so it will be linked back to so you can know it's source). Keep that camera handy, you never know when you'll spy something worth capturing through that lens!


Cathie said...

Queen Ann's lace?? Pretty even at the end.

meplusmolly said...

Quite possibly! I hadn't heard this description before so I went and investigated it. Like you though I think they are pretty in full bloom and in seed and more skeletal form too :)