Monday, 16 August 2010

Berry colours..

I'm loving these berry colours at the moment. So rich and fruity!
I'm off to work on rather a windy grey day today, back later putting items as well as the above wee oval pin in my shop ;0 x


Lisa said...

love the colors you have chosen.. season's changing over here. colors are deepening.. the air is a bit crisper too ~*~

Chrissie said...

Gorgeous shades, very plummy!

The Devil Makes Work said...

Lovely! I will come along to the September Market in Canterbury and say Hello. Are you anywhere before then?

The Devil Makes Work said...

Oh ignore me, I've just seen the list on your blog. See you in September.


Theresia (Minori Design) said...

Love the berry colours Kirsty!
It's quite depressing isn't it outside? Here too, in Winchester :(


Love berry shades, yummy

Josh said...

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::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Just been looking at your etsy shop, AGAIN. You make beautiful things , you really do!
I have my eye on a purse....I'll need a bit of time to fully justify why I NEED it!
'Resistance is futile'
Ali x