Sunday, 15 August 2010

The 52MMMC Week 5

Week 5 of the challenge.

I had such big plans really I did but I'm afraid I must apologise for this slightly less than complete 'make' as my sewing machine has gone in for a service
*sigh, it was due for one though* and so I have no machine with which to complete my item. Boo hoo......

So anyways I thought I would show you my 'make' so far.....

Out have come the pen and inks, something I haven't used in far too long but which I thought would be perfect for the 'theme' I was intending to draw.

I have been saving little bits here and there and aiming to compile a mood or inspiration board of sorts for the current, dare I say it, Autumn/Winter work happening.
I know we are all still hanging on to the thought that perhaps we will get a few more weeks, days?? of some summer sun but the change of the seasons will be upon us sometime soon. Now as much as I like to be warm I do like the rich colours that Autumn/Winter brings.

Anyhow trying not to diverse, here are a few of my snippets to show my theme.
This 'season' sees plenty of feathers and birds about and I wanted to go with gorgeous feathered owls, all seeing all knowing you know!

After a few sketchy lines in pencil to give a rough outline and idea, I set to with purple ink and pen, I don't want to be 'normal' and have a brown owl! not that there is anything wrong with that mind. Also khakis and purples are making an appearance in this seasons colours.

Perhaps my sketch is a little scary because of the 'knowing' but my owl is going to have attitude!

Now I wanted to transfer this sketch onto fabric. So after scanning the image on to the laptop, flipping the image so I can print it onto the fabric as I had originally drawn it, it was printed out onto transfer paper.

The fun bit of ironing it on to the fabric.

And voila! Sketch transferred to fabric, which is now pinned ready to wait the return of the sewing machine to finish it up into a slouchy bag, maybe even for a few decorative stitches to be added to it as well, we shall see.

I'll show you the 'finished' bag once it's complete. So please forgive me for the half post this week, I didn't like doing it but then I would have felt even more guilty if I had not posted about what I was doing! ;0 x

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Simply H said...

Oohhh loving it! Can't wait to see the finished back when your sewing machine is back from it's check up!x