Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hearts 'n' Fishes Workshop.....

Hello Lovely bloggy readers, well a bit later than anticipated I thought I would post a few pics of my workshop the other week.
My garland one didn't run as not enough bods but my hearts and fishes did! Although it was entitled 'Hearts & Fishes" everyone during the workshop decided to make a fish, which was lovely, as my sample was the first fish I had made as well and so it was good to see them inspired enough by my wee fish to make one themselves!

With these taster workshops all materials are supplied by the workshop leader (ie moi) and so you can just roll up and create away without the hassle of trying to remember to get things and then to bring them! All I ask is for people to just bring yourself and your creative spirit along.

So my 'creative mess' laid out to inspire with all its colour and texture.

Fishy shapes cut ready for the choosing and a'making

And so below to fish shapes stitched up and stuffed with the beginnings of decoration....

Rich red with lovey blanket stitching around the edges

The planning of shimmery gorgeous scales

And some nearly finished and finished fishes, just how lovely did they turn out!??

These are two different fish, not the two sides to one by the way! it's just that the same fabric had been chosen, their scales are lovely, much nicer in the flesh or should that be fabric?!

Again I would just like to say a BIG THANKS to the lovely ladies that came along to the workshop, what a lovely group they were. Thank you all for being so inspired and enjoying the workshop. I'm also glad to say that they took bits and pieces home with them to make more fishes and hearts too. I hope you ladies have continued with the creativity! If you have any photos of work finished since then, I'd love to see it, so send me an email!!

I would also like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to a list of lovely bloggers for including various items of mine in posts on their blogs. I cannot tell you all how pleased I am to be included in your posts! So lovely of you all, so Thank You! ;0 X

So my Thank You Roll Call to:

Helen from handmade by helen
Val from Blackrose
Alex from FoundonFolksy
Amanda from Etsymetal
Liana from Mixedplate

Phew! well I better get back to creating. I have a couple of orders to package up and am still making for the upcoming fair and Brighton Open House. Yep!!! that's right Brighton Open Houses, little ol' me is taking part for the first time in them, in the Christmas ones. Will let you know more v soon. I'll be down there taking pics so you can see.

Hope you've all had a good weekend, I'm typing wrapped up with layers of cardi's and a big chunky scarf if that makes you feel any better??!! just need some fingerless gloves now, always get cold hands when typing. Honestly I'm not tucked away up in a garret with half moon specs really, it just seems like it! ;0 X


Pomona said...

I think you have just given me the clue as to what your PIF gift will be! And I love the fishes!

Pomona x

Rachel Anne Cronin said...

I have the scarf and cardi on too! tis getting a wee bit chilly here. I love the fish- they are all really adorable, lovely textures and colours- what a talented bunch of students you had.

Heloise said...

Looks like you all had a good day. Good luck with the Brighton Open House weekend.

Theresia (Minori Design) said...

Kirsty, love the fishes!
I was planning to make fishes too and ended up with monkeys today :D
have a beautiful Sunday!
Thanks for stopping by...

Mrs B said...

just lovely as always!! Wish I could come to one of your days! have a creative week, lovely!


Simply H said...

The fish workshop looked fab Kirsty, I will have to try and come along to the next one! Looks like you had lots of fun. Good luck in Brighton x


Oooh ... I like ALL the fishes. So lovely you inspired all these people to stitch fishes


Jen B said...

Hello there, I've come to your blog via flickr :-) I just love your little fishes! Looks like lots of fun to make and a great time at your workshop. We're getting together with some crafty cousins this weekend, I may suggest that we make some of these fish--heck, I may just make one myself before that! Happy New Year!