Monday, 16 March 2009

My time at the fair.........

First of all I want to say a BIG thank you to all of you for the lovely words of encouragement you left me, in your comments for the fair on my last post. So v lovely and sweet of all of you, so thank you! x

Well as you will see from below I've included a few pics of my stand for you to see. It was a wonderful venue, an old gothic church with glorious stained glass windows (oops forgot to take a pic!). The organisers were great and the exhibitors were lovely. Such a great atmosphere amongst everyone there, exhibitors and visitors alike.

I had a lot of lovely comments about my work, sold a good amount (considering I was new, it was my first larger selling fair and the current economic situation for so many of us) and have met some lovely people.

my stand (not the best pic sorry!)

my skinny leg birds tweeting in their lovely cage

two abstract stitched works

my thrifted towel drier all spruced up and displaying some more skinny leg birds and clutch purses

some petite purses nestled at the bottom of my drawer unit 'borrowed' from my mum (which two little older ladies had their eye on and wanted to buy!)

It has been a great experience, good exposure for me and my work  and I've met some lovely people, I'll be posting about one of my neighbours at the fair this week - the lovely Sue! but more about that later. It is definitely something I'll apply to do again, as Sue said you 'have to do stuff to get stuff' (or words to that effect!) which is true, if I don't get out there no one will know I exist!
I want to say a BIG thank you too, to my lovely Mum & Dad and my bootiful Sister for coming to the fair and supporting me. I wouldn't change you for the world ;0 x

So now it is time for a spring clean and tidy up, a little move around of furniture in the workspace and time to set fresh goals and get on with ticking items on the list of to do's!
And making a trip home this weekend for Mothers Day, see you soon Mum for some cooking, me for you of course! ;0 x


Lynsey said...

Your stand and the way you presented everything looked fabulous, well done. I'm so glad it was all good and you found it successful!! xx

Jenn said...

oooh it all looked so lovely!!!
Big congrats to you:) xox...jenn

Kayla coo said...

Yes it looked lovely,I like your skinny birds!

TaMs* said...

Your stuff looks so amazing! Very sweet. Thanks for coming by my blog! Have a great day.

sweetly, lovely said...

You are so talented! I'm glad I finally came around to see your blog. Will be back, for certain.

Miss Frugality said...

Your stand looks amazing! It's so well thought out and displayed....and I love your work too!

meplusmolly said...

Thank you all for such lovely comments! It's much appreciated ;0 x

Blueberry Park said...

Your stand is inspirational. Did I read that you are doing BCTF? I am taking my craft kits and feeling rather nervous about the whole thing! Look forward to meeting you there (I'm stand 56) Karen

KirstyFish said...

honestly .... i keep coming back to look at these pictures... you are sooo good at all this! i wish you had the *NEW* philipa Kendal in Banbury (or elsewhere) you'd do it soooo well x x x