Thursday, 7 October 2010

The 52MMMC Week 7

Well I am finally back with another make(!) Yay!
I feel that I'm a bit behind but then I was told that there was no pressure to produce something each week so I shall just keep going until I reach my goal of 52!!

So here for you to view is something I was asked to make by a friend of mine for her mum's birthday.
She gave me an idea of:
colours she would like - creams, pinks and blues
subject matter - beach huts, seaside
and even some of her little girls outgrown old clothes
with a fab pattern on that she wanted included if possible.

So I set too and here is what I made

wee little fishes

can't go without a bird and bunting!

(check out the pier and beach huts to the top right,
I cut these out from the fabric of her little girls outgrown outfit!)

And voila! finished cushion

My friend was more than happy with the finished item (whew!),
so let's hope her mum likes it too ;0


JP said...

it is gorgeous!

jan said...

I love this, I'm sure she'll be over the moon with this present!

Heloise said...

It's stunning!

Hannah said...

I love the bird! Such a cute pillow!

Naturally Carol said...

I love the use of perspective on your beach. Just the right atmosphere of fun and sweetness and lots to look at and keep my interest. I could just keep looking at it. I am sure "mum" will love it.

Rachel said...

Oh, that's absolutely beautiful!