Friday, 4 December 2009

The Print Block

Well I have mentioned about printing and the little course I had been on in a few previous posts, so now here is my full post about it.
I did printing many years ago now and have not been able to find a course (that ran!) or facilities that I might have been able to use to do some more. So when I found out about The Print Block in Whitstable I quickly booked myself on one of their short printing courses. I have been itching to use more print combined with stitch in my work for ages and this has given me the chance to do that. So thank you Suki and Emrys for bringing The Print Block to Whitstable!

shelves filled with glorious inks to print with

screens galore that students have produced

I have always fancied one of these, although far too big for the normal household space! a drying rack, great for storing your printed bits and pieces so that they can dry without being squashed

screens in use

And finally to a few pics of snippets of work I produced over the few weeks there

combining print with stitch and fabric fragments to create one off simple tote bags

prints in the progress of being combined with snippets of fabric and larger panels as well as machine and hand stitching for fabric scarves

I had so much fun on this course and was so pleased that it ran. I was so fed up of not being able to attend a course because they didn't run due to lack of numbers. The classes at The Print Block are perfect as they are only small groups which means you will get the guidance and advice you may need much easier as well. They have recently run courses to print your own run of Christmas cards as well as wrapping paper, could you get much more handmade, personalised and perfect for Christmas!!??? So please if you live in, near or around the area and fancy printing then be sure to check them out. I'm looking at joining up to be able to use the facilities again for some more experimentation with my work, so maybe I'll see you there!! ;0 x


Anonymous said...

This is very cool, I remember we did this to a very small degree at my Highschool and I loved it. Shame their aren't enough of these courses to go around!

Menopausal musing said...

I like the way you have let the print drift across the different fabrics on the blue bag. Glad the course had enough numbers attending to allow it to run. There is nothing more soul destroying that booking a course, feeling excited about it and then finding out it was cancelled due to being undersubscribed.

Pomona said...

That looks fantastic - and I love what you have done in your work! I shall have to see if I can get along there.

Pomona x

Heloise said...

Seems that you had a great time. You have created some lovely fabric. It is something that I would like to try.
Thanks for the tip about coffee.

That Crafty Fish! said...

i would have loved to come on that course with you x your stuffs look soooo good!!

mimilove forever said...

Cor them's a lovely pair of totes matron! Top printing there old fruit! x;)