Monday, 18 May 2009


Well I have been tagged by Sweet Lovely Afternoon.
I'm not v good at taking part in such things as this but as she is such a lovely lady I am!

So I have been tagged to name five things I can never be without (fashion wise) and five things I wouldn't touch with a 25 ft. pole.
so, here goes...

Five things I can never be without:
1. Jeans! I seem to live in them
2. Colourful socks, my feet get so cold all the time!
3. Aromaco deodorant from Lush - love it
4. Neat little jackets
5. Scarves for summer and winter

And so to the things I wouldn't touch:
1.Unmatched sets of underwear!! what if you got run over??!!
2. Synthetic static causing fabrics
3. White trousers (its just waiting for a spillage!)
4. Anything with a high waist
5. tacky sovereign rings (apologies to anyone who likes them!)

Phew lets hope I haven't offended anyone there!
Will be back soon with some pics of the work now making its way to The Bowery, hope they like it, fingers crossed ;0 x


Kayla coo said...

I too live in jeans at the weekend.
I did have white trousers before children and our black labrador!


Nope - we can't be without our colourful socks!
Great post!

trasha said...

Pah! I am all for offending people ;-)

I love jeans but sadly current fashions plus my own like of foodstuffs means they don't like me.

i was just discussing lovely undies today!