Thursday, 14 May 2009

Artists Open Houses - Brighton

Well, A little later in the week than I was hoping to post about my weekend nosing in and out of other peoples houses(!) but here it is.
It's quite a long post but mostly pics so you can get a glimpse of the visual side of my 'artist's open houses' weekend.

Brochure in hand my sister and I set off to walk the streets and burn some serious shoe rubber! and believe me we did, over the weekend I think we visited around 32 houses !!!!!! Oh my word how nosey are we, but then if you're going to open your doors............

My wee pumps all ready to burn their rubber soles

the sights you see a strolling the streets, old style telephone boxes still make me smile, wonder if it's still in working order ?! should have checked!

The Dragon Fly House - full of amazing work and such a great sculpture/metal work on the side of the house

Oooo a gorgeous front garden to one of the houses

And although it may look like we hadn't been anywhere before we stopped for lunch, we had! and a lot of the houses didn't open until 12pm so we were due for a bite to eat.

salami, mozzarella, rocket, yum

Deservedly empty plates left by us both......

And so back out to pound the pavements.
Lovely window box

Houses visited down the 'twitten'

And featuring................................House number 15 on the Central Brighton Artists trail - AK@37 Dean Street.
This is a house that's doing its first year of the open houses and definitely worth a visit. It hosts the work of 15 fab artists (and such nice peeps too!) Work varies from paintings, illustration, textiles, sculpture, photography, drawings and jewellery.
What a fab curved window, shall we go inside?

Here we are in the entrance hall, I love the fact that in most houses on the trails, every possible inch of space is used in a way to display art and craft

quirky and original jewellery, so fun, laser cut from I think perspex and plastics. I love how the pieces are framed and displayed

fab gorgeously colourful textile purses and bags, just how cool are these fabrics?!

sculptural pieces

sweet pieces of beaded and fabric/textile jewellery

You can't see very well from this image but these, I think they are casts(?) and sculptural pieces of building fronts and little seaside huts

this wave piece of skirting board is so cool, love it!

bright vibrant paintings in the 'outside' room

where we found that v yummy cakes and drinks were being sold, how cool is this little cabinet between the two rooms that the cakes were displayed in?!

Out in the garden were pots of colourful plants and flowers with pieces of v colourful sculpture peeking through

a view from inside the garden looking back in at the house, how pleasant it was to sit outside with our drinks and cake!

Oops unfortunately I wasn't quick enough with my camera before we had devoured the scrummy goodies......

So thank you to all those at Dean street for letting me snap away with my camera. Lovely creative and talented people producing some wonderful work!

Phew! so many lovely houses with some beautiful work. I was less snap happy on the sunday, but I did take a couple of garden pics below.
We loved the sculpture in this garden as well as the perfect ball shrubs, sculptural in themselves

Fabulous water feature

And yes more cake on the sunday too! well....... you have to treat yourselves and indulge one weekend in a while surely??!!!!

So if your are in the Brighton area or near, I cannot recommend doing the artists trails enough! It's so worth the visit each year. Fabulous work, some really lovely people, amazing houses, wonderful gardens and obviously delicious homemade cakes!!!! ;0 x


sweetly lovely afternoon said...

oh, what a fantastic time you must have had! all the artists works look amazing and those scrumptous treats - how yummy! i wish there was something similar to that in my town. although, the artists fairs we have are quite lovely, it's always nice to visit an artist's home, or studio.

thank you for sharing your creative adventure with us.


Mollimoo said...

I wish I was closer to Brighton! Not that I'm that far away. Lovely photos & great artists x

karen said...

I love these pictures, it made me wish I had been too!

Hens Teeth said...

What a great weekend! It does'nt get much better!!!!


Hi - thanks for sharing your weekend with us. It's always great to go inside open studios not usually accessible isn't it! We have an open studios couple of weeks coming up on the 23rd-31st May which I am really looking forward to!

Glad to see you enjoyed your foodie treats too. They look delicious!

Have a happy week. Carolyn x

Blueberry Park said...

All those studios look amazing. I used to go to a similar thing in Richmond-upon-Thames when we lived near by. It's really fun visiting the artists' homes, isn't it? Maybe one day I'll make it down to Brighton for it :-)

Helen Rawlinson said...

Enjoyed reading your blog today thanks to Dee! Funny to find this post as I did the same thing but only had my mobile to take pics so I'm glad you reminded me of how good it all was. Will link this if you don't mind! All the best Helen

toriejayne said...


I just love the pic of the frames on the wall and oh what a pretty garden, wish I had been there!