Thursday, 17 November 2011

Boutique event

As you may or may not know (which all depends on how long you've been reading my blog - I've had a long vacant spell this year from here) as I have been working as one half of a business with another textile bod at Weft A Bit. For many reasons we are not continuing with this venture come the New Year. So I will be back to blogging here (which I am excited about, can't wait to totally finish freshening up the look of my blog) and I'll be posting more regularly here about stitching, doodling, making and more.
But before all that I thought I'd share with you some photos of the Boutique one day event we put on as Weft A Bit in the gallery at Creek Creative in Faversham the other weekend.
scarf walls, with crates
loving the 'crate' shelving
the 'frame' wall displaying a selection of handmade goods
willow hoops wrapped with recycled/vintage fabric, a little fun
panels of pins to wear, flowers, birds
The one day event went really well considering the weather that weekend wasn't particularly great. A greyness that didn't seem to lift all day. However there was a steady trickle of visitors in all day and we met many lovely people and packaged up lots of lovely items for those who were starting their gift shopping for Christmas. So Thank You to all those that came x
And with cake involved, how could it not be a good day?!!

We have a couple more fairs to attend and then that will be it. Moving forward onto ventures new! x

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Simply H said...

It was lovely to see you at Whitstable castle on Saturday Kirsty - and sorry I didn't make the Faversham open day, but had a friends wedding that day. Sorry to hear Weft a bit is coming to an end but looking forward to lots more Me plus Molly loveliness xxx